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photo of a trauma kitEmergency Medical Kit - $800.

The complete emergency medical kit contains the equipment needed to deal with almost all emergency situations. All Hatzolah responders carry this kit in their vehicles, as well as on the ambulances

The emergency medical kits contain:

Medical Equipment
1 set of blood pressure cuffs in 2 Sizes - adult and child.
1 stethoscope (dual - adult and pediatric)
1 short splint
1 adjustable adult cervical collar
1 adjustable pediatric cervical collar
1 instrument pack (shears, Kelly forceps, bandage scissors, splinter forceps, penlight)

1 size D portable aluminum oxygen tank
1 oxygen regulator
1 oxygen wrench

Breathing Supplies
1 set of BVM resuscitators in 3 sizes - adult, child, and infant
1 manual suction kit
2 non-rebreather masks
2 nasal cannulas
1 pediatric non-rebreather mask
1 pediatric nasal cannula
1 set of oral airways in adult and pediatric sizes
1 set of adult nasal airways

1 glucose
1 activated charcoal
1 ammonia inhalant
1 ipecac syrup

Wound Care
10 alcohol prep pads
1 pack of antibiotic ointment packets
2 cold packs
10 PVP iodine
1 bottle alcohol
1 bottle hydrogen peroxide
1 sterile saline

1 box small adhesive bandages
4 abdominal pads (5" x 9")
12 sterile dressings (4" x 4")
1 multi-trauma dressing (12" x 30")
9 gauze cling rolls (3 sizes)
3 waterproof tape (3 sizes)
6 triangular bandages

Burn Care
1 burn sheet
1 sterile water
I burn gel
I gel soaked sterile dressing

Personal Protection
1 personal protection kit
1 box disposable gloves
1 no rinse hand cleaner

1 obstetrical kit
1 disposable blanket
1 bee sting kit
1 EMT kit carrying case

& additional supplies and equipment.

A dedication can be inscribed on the kit.

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