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Hatzolah has less than four minutes to revive someone who has stopped breathing.
Can you live with wasting three of them?

You can't call Hatzolah without a phone.
You're in Shul on Shabbos or Yom Tov and someone collapses (Chas Vishalom). Call Hatzolah of course. But how? Perhaps you'll use the phone in the Simcha Room downstairs… but it's locked. So you run to the phone in the hall, but who's carrying a quarter on Shabbos? And while you struggle to locate a phone, a life is quickly ending. A life that could have been saved. It is imperative that each Shul, Beis Medrash, and public building be equipped with a phone for emergencies, located in a main area, and accessible to all, for emergency use on Shabbos or any other day of the year.

Hatzolah can't help you if they can't find you.
You run to the phone to call Hatzolah because a child is choking (Chas Vishalom). You give Hatzolah your proper address and they assure you they are on the way. But if you don't have numbers prominently displayed on the outside of your home, your home cannot be identified. Thus precious moments that should be spent saving a life are wasted on finding an address. Please be sure your address is properly displayed and clearly visible during the day and night. It can save your life.
(Click here for an article on house numbers.)
Do your babysitters know where they are babysitting?
It's always important to know your babysitters, but it is equally important for them to know you. Do they know what to do in case of an emergency? In times of crisis, sometimes a simple piece of information like your home address could be the difference between life and death (Chas Vishalom). Please make certain that when you leave your children with a babysitter you also leave your home address with cross-streets, your telephone number and any other numbers s/he may need in case of an emergency.

When every second counts, you can count on Hatzolah.
Make sure Hatzolah can count on you.

Glossary - Chas Vishalom: an expression meaning G-d forbid.

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