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When To Call Hatzolah EMS


Hatzolah EMS can be called for first-aid or ambulance service. People are often unsure whether a medical situation is "big enough" to warrant calling Hatzolah. If you are unsure, always call (even on Shabbos) and let the dispatcher know that you are unsure.

  • Hatzolah can be called:
    • for medical calls.
    • to "check out" someone to see if they need medical treatment.
    • to bandage a wound, or splint an injury.
    • for car accidents.
    • to help search for missing children or adults.
    • for advice and help.
  • In the event of a fire, first call 911 (or the fire department direct number if from a cell phone), then call Hatzolah.
  • Hatzolah can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Shabbos, Yom Tov, and even Yom Kippur.
  • In any situation where there is even a slight possibility that delaying could be dangerous, immediately call.

Important note: During a medical situation, and particularly on Shabbos, people sometimes search for a Hatzolah volunteer they are familiar with; by going to his house or calling him on the phone.

We strongly discourage this practice. It is potentially dangerous because it delays getting help quickly.

When Hatzolah might be needed, immediately call the Hatzolah hotline number. All of our volunteers are highly trained and professional, and capable of dealing with a wide array of situations.

If you would like a specific volunteer to come, do not delay calling Hatzolah in order to call him. When you call the Hatzolah hotline, after giving the dispatcher the information, you can request that they also send over a particular volunteer if he is available.

With medical calls every second can be critical. Do not cause unnecessary delays.

Remember: If you are unsure, always call (even on Shabbos) and let the dispatcher know that you are unsure.

All who save one life... it is as if they saved an entire world. Donate now and help save a life.

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