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Our Goals

Hatzolah's mission is to save lives, and to prevent, reduce, and treat injuries and illness. Hatzolah also provides help and comfort to family members or bystanders in distress during a call.

Hatzolah does this by:

  • Having volunteer EMTs well-trained and equipped with the most advanced lifesaving equipment, spread throughout its coverage areas.

  • Maintaining modern, fully-stocked ambulances available at all times.

  • Staffing a 24 hour dispatch hotline.

  • Distributing safety information online and in print throughout the North Jersey area.

Hatzolah also:

  • Raises money to purchase more life saving equipment, and to purchase the latest advances in life-saving technology.

  • Arranges CPR and First Aid courses for the communities.

  • Educates the communities and children on safety and what to do in case of an emergency - through this website, classes, lectures, articles, flyers, and newsletters.

All who save one life... it is as if they saved an entire world. Donate now and help save a life.

📞 1-973-910-1884

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